Teléfono: +34 964 585 658 - +34 961 855 779
Dirección: Muelle Transversal, s/n Burriana, Castellón

Varaderos y Talleres del Mediterráneo Industrias Navales Valencia - Vessel repair

Varaderos y Talleres del Mediterráneo - Vessel

and ship repair

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to Varaderos y Talleres del Mediterráneo -Indunaval

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Vatame - Indunaval

In our facilities, perform the beaching of ships and vessels, as well as any type of floating artefacts, that need maintenance, repair, enhancement, modification and alteration services.

We can also carry out new small-sized constructions, up to 200-250t of dry weight.

We are open to studying any new project requested, reached the optimal compromise between technical specifications and strike prices.

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    Yes, we perform repair, alteration and maintenance services on any kind of ship and vessel.

    We use a technique with ultrasound that saves 80% in comparison to other systems.